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CICNG is your one-stop for all of your technological needs. We offer all types of different solutions including webhosting, web design, software engineering, and more. At CICNG, we strive to do our best, giving our clients satisfaction on their investment with CICNG Solutions.

Web Hosting Solutions
We have all sorts of web hosting solutions available to our clients to allow them the flexibility that they need to set themselves up on the internet. This includes premade packages that gives the client an ideal range to shoot for, or he or she can create a custom package to suit their lifestyle and budget.

Web Design Solutions
We offer the best quality in web designing solutions. We closely work with our clients to give them the perfect solution, that is custom and unique to each customer. We make sure you get the best out of CICNG Solutions. 

Software Engineering Solutions
We know that personal and business failure can be caused by bad software or bad functionality. This is not the case with CICNG. Again, we work closer with every customer we encounter to make sure that their software works up to their expectations and beyond. We program clients/servers and any other type of program in Visual Basic, PHP, Java, just to name a few. Visit our website for more information on the solutions we can offer you, including some sample programs.

Networking Solutions
We know the key to a successful office or working environment with multiple computers, is to have them networked. This allows them to talk to each other and send data to various computers within the network faster than you could ever transfer it thru floppy or CD. Networking also allows the sharing of internet services, and even printers, cutting costs drastically!

Computer System Solutions
We know from experience that people have been tricked into buying the lowest or the highest priced computer and not getting the performance that they wanted out of it, because they didn't know what they wanted when they approached the salesperson. At CICNG, we can help you overcome that dilemma, and give you a computer that is right to your needs, and is fully-upgradeable unlike some OEM computers.

Complete Business Solutions
Are you looking to get off of the ground but don't know where to go or how to do it? Don't go no further. We can help you get your company off to a running start, and fast. We work extremely close with businesses in this way, so that they can get everything customized to their needs, giving the company the ability to do anything they ever dreamed of.
Consultancy, Maintenance & Support Services
We would handle your entire IT/Computer suite! From your computer network to your computer hardware or even your software. Our support is second to none, our support staff are ever ready to support you through telephone or visiting your site in a light speed.

Domain Name/Hosting Transfer
If you are not satisfied with your current host, you can come to CICNG hosting family and enjoy our first class services.
And More...!!!
If you have thought about something that you would like to need a solution for, drop us an email at, and we would be more than glad to find a solution for it, no matter how big or small, or even technologically challenging!
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